VLM –  Goods On Larger Heavier Metal Trays Multi-Column VLM- Lighter Smaller More Trays
VLM Vertical Lift Module For Vertical Storage Of Goods On Trays-Bins Multi-Column VLM Stores More Trays, Allows Installation In Low Roof Shops-Basements With Support Columns. Multi-Windows Allows More Operators To Access Goods
VLM Improves Multi-Floor Factory Operations Multi-Column VLM Few Configurations
VLM Saves Space, Improves Operational Efficiency Of Multi-Floor Factories By Moving Goods Between Floors And Almost All Departments From Entry To Exit Using Less People And Minimal Movement of People VLM Vertical Lift Module Is Space-Saving Compact Dense Vertical Storage System. Protects Goods From Dirt, Damage, Unauthorized Access, Helps Control Inventory
Molds-Dies, Palletized Goods For Basements-Low Ceiling Height Shops
  Compact VLM For High-Density Vertical Storage Of Goods In Low-Height Shops And Basements
Long Extrusions, Bars, Rods, Pipes, Tubes Flat Packed Clothings-Garments-Apparels
VLM Long Goods are vertical lift machines, vertical storage towers for automated storages for long goods, profiles, aluminium extrusions, metal bars, metal sections. VLM For Vertical Storage Of Flat-Packed Apparels In Factories
Panels, Laminates, Slabs, Glass, Sheet Metal, Solar Panels Multi-Column, Low Volumes Pallets Storage
VLM Vertical lift machines for vertical storage of flat goods, metallic-nonmetallic sheets, flat panels, flat solar panels, stone slabs, plates
Food Beverages In Boxes Small Goods In Bins With Multi-Window Access
VLM For Automated High-Density Vertical Storage Of Beverages In Boxes-Crates On Metal Trays
Hospital Beds, Medical Supplies-Food-Linen Carts Drums-Cans Of Oil-Paints-Lubricants-Pharma-Chem
VLM Hospitals Stores Beds-Carts In Lift Shafts, Transports Hospital Supplies Between Basement Centralized Sterilization-Canteen-Pharmacy To Various Wards In Multi-Floor Hospitals VLM For Vertical Storage Of Oil-Paints-Lubricants In Drums-Cans
Large Plates For Heavy Fabrication-Shipyards Small Goods In Boxes-Cartons
VLM For Vertical Storage of Plates Useful For Plate Fabrication Shops, Construction Machines, Railway-Coach Fabrication, Dockyards-Shipyards, Defence Production Shops. VLM Saves Space With Vertical Storage Of Small Goods In Boxes On Metal Trays
Small Goods In Crates-Bins Wire Reels – Cable Spools
VLM Saves Space With Vertical Storage Of Small Goods In Bins-Crates On Metal Trays VLM Vertical Lift Machine For Vertical Storage Of Wires For Stockists-Wholesalers-Distributors. Roll-Measure-Cut Wires without removing spool From storage
Optical Accessories-Eye-Wear-Glasses-Lenses Precast Concrete Molds
VLM Vertical Lift Machines Vertical Storage Towers, vertical storage cabinets for optical lenses, contact lenses, eye-wear, sun-glasses in boxes-bins on metal trays. VLM for vertical storage of precast concrete ceramic molds
Cutting Tools-Measuring Instruments Automotive Parts-Spares
VLM Vertical Lift Machines Vertical Tooling Cabinets For Cutting Tools, Tool Bits VLM Vertical Lift Machines Stores Automotive Parts Spares On Metal Trays
Small Electro-Mechanical Parts Small Electronic Devices-Parts-Spares
VLM Vertical Lift Machines Vertical Storage Towers, vertical storage cabinets for electrical, mechanical, electronics parts-spares-work in process on metal trays VLM Vertical Lift Machines Vertical Storage Towers, vertical storage cabinets for electronics devices-parts-spares-WIP on metal trays
Mechanical Parts-Spares, Work-In-Process Fabric-PVC-Films Rolls
VLM Vertical Lift Modules For Vertical Storage Of Mechanical Sub Assemblies-Parts-Spares-Work In Process On Metal Trays Vertical Storage Of Fabric-Coated-Laminated Paper-Film Rolls
Automotive Tires Sub-Assemblies, Work-In-Process-Machines Spares
VLM Vertical Storage Solution For Tires Stockists-Retailers-Wholesaler-Distributors. VLM Vertical Lift Machine For Vertical Storage Of Hydro-Pneumatic Spares-Fittings, Sub-Assemblies, Machine Spares-Parts, Work In Process On Metal Trays
VLM are high-density space-time-saving vertical storage solutions to store goods on metal trays on racks in front and rear. We offer conventional VLM that are single column. And Multiple Column VLM.  Multi-Column VLMs Functions As Several VLMs in One Structure. VLMs have longer wider trays with heavier tray load capacities 250 to 1000 kg per tray. Multiple Column VLMs have smaller trays lighter capacities 100 to 250 kg stored over multiple columns giving more tray locations, better usage of space, lighter structures, smaller power.
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